How to Manage Night ShiftHaving night shift work is challenging. You are fully awake the whole night until dawn and sleep at a time when the sun is at its brightest. It is hard to get sleep especially if you are in a room that absorbs all the light from the outside.

But when you get a chance to sleep at night, the situation hasn't changed. This time, the very bright street bulb outside your room still lightens every corner of your ...continue reading

Do You Make These Body Language Mistakes?Even though eye contact plays a major role in body language, how a person positions the body and moves the head, hands, arms, and legs are all a part of communicating. Your body language is what allows people to size you up, even from a distance. Whether you make a positive or negative impression on others is largely due to the body language you display.

The eyes are often ...continue reading

Not Your Average JoeHow many times do you think you've heard "Joe the Plumber" over the past couple of weeks? The whole phenomenon is another classic American example of how something so obscure can take off and become an overnight sensation! We are almost upon Election Day, and after all the plungers have been tossed aside, there's a lot at stake. With the shifting sand of our economy ...continue reading

10 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Life CoachAt various times in our lives, especially with all the turmoil and conflict going on in the world today, we might find ourselves at a crossroads where we need another objective opinion. This can lead us to considering using the services of what is called a life coach.

Working with the right coach can be a gratifying and enriching experience but there are several ...continue reading

How to Find Balance in Your LifeSo. . . the million dollar question is, "Is it possible to find balance when you've got a million and one things to do?" Well, it depends on how you define the word balance. I mean, if you think that everyday is going to run smoothly, you'll have it together all the time, and you'll be perfectly organized 100% of the time. Then, no, you won't find balance. . . at least, ...continue reading

How to End a Presentation in a Good WayThe ending part is one of the important & the significant aspects in a presentation other than the introduction. The audience remembers best the last thing they hear & the last point you say. In finishing a presentation, it should be more than basically finishing it or telling the viewers that it is over. You must leave a take-home message or drive them back to the key points & wrap ...continue reading

How to Tap Into the Potential of Your MindGreat achievers have one thing in common - they tap into the potential of the mind. There is much truth to the old adage, "you can if you think you can." You may have heard it said that we only use about ten percent of our brain power. This statement has been proved untrue, but still finds its way into claims for psychics and hypnotists. The fact is, we use 100 percent of the brain for various functions. ...continue reading

What Are We Looking For - Success, Happiness, Or Something in Between?A man spent the last twenty two years of his life preparing to catch a "success" train bound to "somewhere". He watched as the doors closed after one last man got in. "I won't give up" he thought to himself, "I would just have to catch up to it sooner or later." And so he began to "run" towards it. He was adamant; his only problem was, every time he got close to it, the train seemed to accelerate. That was just a small ...continue reading

Productivity - Enhanced by Purpose!If you take aim at nothing, chances are 99.99% you will hit nothing. In other words, your success or achievement rate is 0.01%. (I think that is pretty challenging.) Even if you do hit something in a crowded terrain or environment, your productivity level would still be less. This is because whatever you may have hit in that purposeless aim may have no contributory factor in your measurement of achievement and productivity ...continue reading

JealousyJealousy typically refers to the feelings, thoughts and behaviors that occur when a person believes that a valued relationship is being threatened by a rival. The word jealousy comes from the French jalousie, formed from jaloux. Feelings of jealousy always appear to stem from one's sense that something about their life is not secure e. g., in danger or is uncertain. Jealousy is the eruption of attachment ...continue reading